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NCDS Annual Convention

A few weeks ago, Adam and I had the pleasure of attending the 160th Annual Session of the North Carolina Dental Society in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had a wonderful time and were able to make a lot of great connections.

The convention is jam packed with booths, exhibitors, speakers, CPE classes, and social activities.    The speakers and CPE classes varied from technical skills to human resources to patient management.  There was a wide array of exhibitors: banks, payroll service providers, construction contractors, practice transition specialists, insurance companies, equipment companies and software companies, to name a few.  There was even a corn hole tournament between UNC and ECU dental students.

We believe that having relationships with all of these various dental vendors provides a solid foundation for the team that dentists need behind them. Most importantly, attending events such as this one ensures that we are continuing to build a strong knowledge base in the world of dentistry.

-Caroline Ballance, CPA

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