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    We provide a proactive approach to taxes and financial managment.  We utilize technology and fixed price agreements to partner with our dental clients.  What is the end goal?  To keep more post-tax profits in your pocket.

    Tax Compliance


    Tax compliance is the necessary evil that most people think of when they think of taxes.  You need to meet your compliance obligations or a revenue agent will come-a-knocking.  We make sure that your tax returns are done correctly, on time, and that you have taken advantage of every possible deduction.


    Tax Planning


    Tax planning provides a more proactive approach to taxes.  Once 12/31 hits you can only minimally influence your tax returns.  The majority of your possible deductions need to be executed before year-end.  You need to take a proactive approach to taxes on an ongoing basis in order to minimize their  impact.  Tax planning can turn the expense of working with an accounting firm to an investment on which you receive a return.  We'll help you get there.


    Virtual CFO


    Most business owners don't have the time, desire, nor skill to manage all the financial nuances of their business. Virtual CFO services bridge the gap between numbers and business strategy and execution. We work with business owners to proactively lead you in the financial management of your business and to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are easy to monitor in order to achieve greater success.


    Find out more about Virtual CFO from this Virtual CFO Video.



    Practice Acquisition Support

    Purchasing a practice? We are here to help you with the due diligence. We can evaluate the numbers, compare to industry benchmarks and provide valuable feedback: we look at more than just the numbers. You need to make sure the practice you are purchasing is healthy so that you start off on the right foot.



    2018 Tax Reform For Dentists and Dental Practices

    Our 2018 Tax Reform Guide For Dentists is available for download.



    Adam Shay, CPA, MBA

    Adam Shay, CPA, MBA

    Managing Partner


    To be an effective leader, you’ve got to be driven and focused on growth and goals. You must also be a team player—someone who can relate to and motivate your clients and your people while remaining reflective of possibility and innovative in terms of solid solutions.


    Adam Shay, CPA (N.C. License Number 35961) is all of that—and more. As the firm’s managing member and team leader, he’s undoubtedly an accountant who is committed to helping clients make smart financial decisions and legally minimize tax liability. But he’s also a proactive partner in making their fiscal obligations and understanding of that a positive, empowering experience. Among other things, Adam is dedicated to providing efficient and accurate traditional CPA Firm services. Yet he’s equally, if not more, enthusiastic about engaging with clients, especially those who are entrepreneurs, through the firm’s cloud-based accounting solutions and other forward-focused tools and services, such as its Virtual CFO program. His easy-going, open-minded personality puts people at ease, whether they’re meeting with him face-to-face or Skyping with him from another part of the country and world.


    As a teenager, Adam’s passion was baseball. But when a hard pitch hit him in the face, it changed his life and dreams forever. So he understands the power of the unexpected, and, to some degree, this lesson is something that enables him to connect with and relate to those facing sudden, sometimes scary issues or challenges with their accounting or tax situation. His calm, careful and conscientious approach to whatever he, his clients, or his team are facing are strengths that consistently enable the best possible solutions. So people trust him, which raises his ability to address client concerns and drive goals, as well as support his team members in their professional growth and potential.


    Adam earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Virginia. He then went on to get his master’s in business administration from the University of Maryland. In terms of volunteer work, he has served as an entrepreneur in residence, doing accounting for the SeaHawk Innovation Funds and helping with the Cameron Executive Network at UNCW. He’s also been the treasurer and an executive board member of Surfrider Foundation’s Cape Fear Chapter as well as a board member of the Cape Fear Economic Development Council. Adam attends Wrightsville United Methodist Church and, in his spare time, he enjoys cooking, various outdoor activities, and family time with his wife Sarah, their sons, Wagner and Garrett, and their dog, Echo. No surprise, Adam is an invested, devoted parent who thrives off coaching and supporting his children in their sports, including soccer, basketball and, of course, baseball.


    Adam’s Why: “It’s simple: I love to help people achieve their full potential. This is reflected in all aspects of life, everything from my work to my family and community service. I believe there is a better way to do accounting and business, yet most entrepreneurs of small to mid-sized companies are under-served in terms of guidance and support. As an experienced entrepreneur, I still get a rush from seeing businesses grow and succeed. This is a huge motivator for me…it keeps things fresh every day and makes it fun to get up every morning.”

    Caroline Montgomery, CPA

    Dental Practice Lead, Partner


    There are people in life who get their energy and sense of purpose simply by helping others. Caroline Montgomery, CPA (N.C. License Number 39017), MSA is one such person. While she has all the education and credentials to work as a CPA, she’s truly gifted in her ability to listen to her clients, hear any concerns or fears, see the big picture, and efficiently help them with their needs. This is a talent that’s innate to her; in fact, when she was young, she wanted to be a doctor because of a deep desire to help and heal. Today, she says she’s still helping people, just in a very different way.


    Part of what makes Caroline so effective in her job is that she gets that most people don’t like doing and dealing with their taxes and financials. Yet that’s where she shines. In particular, her passion for tax planning and enthusiasm for minimizing client angst and “pain”—both in the form of tax liability and the shear time and effort required to prep and file properly—inspire her daily performance. When it comes to stepping in, rolling up her sleeves, and getting the job done, Caroline excels. She’s not afraid to go the mile to get her clients what’s needed to make their lives better. What’s more, she delivers heartfelt, customized experiences and proactive solutions with a smile.


    She’s also an astute problem-solver both for her clients and her team. She supports clients in making informed decisions, whether that’s related to taxes, monthly and year-end financials, bookkeeping or payroll. As well, she thrives off participating in the “Daily Huddles” at work, when her team gathers to discuss current work, challenges, and potential solutions. In the office, she genuinely enjoys lending a helping hand however she can, whether that’s giving tax advice, troubleshooting software, or sharing a bright idea. She’s well balanced when it comes to her technical and personal skill sets, so Caroline’s a great resource for the team.


    Caroline earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting from East Carolina University (ECU) and graduated from her advanced studies in 2010. She worked for eight years at Wesley M. Measamer, CPA, P.A. in Greenville, N.C. In 2014, she moved from Greenville to Wilmington, where she worked for another local firm. In July 2015, she joined Adam Shay, CPA, PLLC.


    Caroline is a “Carolina girl” at heart…her fondest memories including trips to the breathtakingly beautiful Outer Banks. Today, she still loves going to the beach, as well as attending ECU football games, boating, fishing, travelling and cooking. Also, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, and her dog, Mason.


    Caroline’s Why: “It’s rewarding to help people achieve their goals and especially with a process they most likely don’t enjoy doing themselves! I also love the people I work with – this is a great work environment, one that functions like a real team and works together to improve daily, not just do our jobs.”

    Richard Pasquantonio, CPA/CFF, CFE, CFDA

    Director of Dispute Services


    There’s no doubt that Richard Pasquantonio, CPA/CFF (N.C. License Number 33577), CFE, CDFA takes his job very seriously. As one of the firm’s in-house forensic accountants, he is one of only 4,500 such professionals worldwide who provide this highly specialized genre of accounting expertise.


    In his complex, yet fascinating work, Richard’s primary role is to assist taxpayers and litigants in gathering the necessary information to resolve their disputes with the government, business partners, employees, family members and/or other parties. Like other fields of forensics, the work is often a painstaking process, requiring Richard to practice patience, uphold integrity, and maintain accuracy and strong ethics on behalf of his client, himself and the firm.


    That said, while Richard’s professional niche is rather weighty and serious in nature, you’ll find he is anything but that in person. Among his co-workers, he’s the firm’s “class clown” who regularly provides a good dose of much-appreciated humour, cracking jokes and even playing an occasional office prank. What’s more, in reflecting on his career, Richard often laughs about how it may have been inspired by his curious childhood obsession with TV game shows. In fact, he likes to view each client case less like a problem and more like a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, with all the pieces mixed up and the box was thrown away long ago. Richard’s job is to complete the puzzle, identifying any missing pieces and what the picture would look like if they were there. He analyzes all information, applying relevant laws, regulations and precedent court cases in combination with his education, training, skills and experience. Then, he presents his findings either orally or in a report.


    Richard’s expertise and puzzle-solving abilities give our professional accounting and tax services a competitive advantage throughout the Southeast and beyond. However, his creativity, passion for solutions, collaborative skills, and incessant sense of humour make him a prize find for the firm, too. Committed to meeting his clients’ needs while demonstrating clear value, Richard is a perfect complement to our talent at Adam Shay CPA.


    Of note, Richard holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Pittsburgh. He has volunteered with the North Carolina Association of CPAs as a member of the Young CPA Cabinet, serves as President of the Cape Fear Chapter, and is a member of the NCACPA Fraud Conference Task Force. He also volunteers for the AICPAs as a CFF Task Force member representing North Carolina.


    When away from work “puzzles,” Richard likes to think about what else he might become whenever he grows up. Meanwhile, he enjoys free time with his family, his wife, two children and dog, Chance. Some of their favourite pastimes include hiking, camping, fishing, and, of course, playing games whenever the occasion arises.


    Richard’s Why: “I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of puzzles and storytelling. So in a sense, forensic accounting is a professional win-win for me. I get to piece together what sometimes seems like an impossible puzzle. Then I tell the story of what happened and how I got my answers. It’s incredibly exciting for me and is a way of sustaining truth in our world.”

    Meridith Belcher

    Meridith Belcher, CPA

    Staff Accountant


    If you’re looking for an industrious CPA, you’ll find it in Meridith Belcher, CPA (NC License Number 40370). From the time she was a little girl, Meridith set her sights on ambitious, creative undertakings, launching along with her twin sister a play business called “Anything You Need.” Through this undertaking, Meridith pretend-sold mostly cars and houses they spotted in free magazines available in the grocery store racks. Yet, as the company name indicated, she was capable of providing people with anything. Working in partnership, she and her sister conducted interviews, had board meetings, and ran the “company” like a tight ship. And it’s through this childhood business that she first cultivated her love for numbers and record keeping. Later on, she further nurtured those skills, doing the financials for her dad’s auto repair business.


    Today, Meridith is an accomplished CPA who brings remarkable perspective and enthusiasm to her industry. After earning a bachelor’s in finance from the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), she worked in several fields, building her competency in sales, customer-service and even business management. But seeking “greater fulfillment” in a career, she dug deep and discovered she felt called to accounting. In response, she returned to UNCW to earn her accounting degree and joined Adam Shay CPA, PLLC in 2012.


    Since coming aboard, Meridith has proven to be a valuable partner for her clients. She gets energy from meeting new people, sourcing their challenges, and helping them problem-solve to understand their financials and achieve personal and professional goals. What’s more, Meridith views her relationship with clients more like a partnership—and brings that same lens to her role here with us. Because she’s so collaborative (and a self-confessed “Chatty Cathy” who has no problem being the butt of a joke), her favorite part of the day is in the morning. That’s when we have team meetings and get a chance to connect, share successes and offer solutions around any challenges we may have.


    Speaking of solutions, Meridith gets a big kick out of contributing new ideas and solutions because she’s a giver at heart. In fact, she has such a generous tendency and passion for sharing that if she had all the money in the world, she says she’d spend it all helping others. She’d pay off the debts of those close to her, buy them cars, homes and other necessities, build a cushion for emergencies, donate to charities, and adopt and provide for animals in need, making room, of course, for her biggest hobby—her three Pomeranian dogs.


    Here at Adam Shay CPA, PLLC, Meridith makes a daily contribution, too, by being her smart, hard-working and compassionate self. Having her with us is a triple win. Clients get to experience the brilliance of her expertise and the benefit of her partnership. We enjoy her “we-centric” mindset in our workplace culture. And Meridith gets to do what she loves—and feel the daily reward of a job well done.


    Meridith’s Why: “Understanding income taxes, how the system works, and IRS or state rules and regulations can be complicated and overwhelming. I really enjoy helping the client understand these areas as well as navigate through all of it!”

    Robin Soto

    Rachel Needham, CPA/CFF

    Manager of Fraud & Forensic Services


    Rachel Needham (NC License Number 41419) is the kind of person who doesn’t let a perceived weakness prevent her ability to succeed. In fact, when she joined our fraud and forensics team, she shared something personal–she’s always had horrible vision, wears contacts 24/7, and was so affected by this that she seriously considered becoming an optometrist.


    While she’s not a doctor, peering into the eyes of others for clues about how to help them, lucky for us, she’s chosen an accounting career that involves looking closely as fraud and forensic cases. As a certified public accountant, she gathers evidence for our fraud and forensics cases, then analyzes it all so we can piece together “puzzles”, including criminal cases. A classic Type-A personality, Rachel brings serious motivation and drive to her job, along with a high attention to detail, an innate sense of curiosity, and an ambitious approach to the projects and clients she’s given.


    Prior to coming aboard Adam Shay CPA, PLLC, Rachel worked as an assistant controller for a construction firm in Wilmington, playing a support role in everything from processing, payroll to preparing financial reports, paying taxes, managing Quickbooks for the company’s charity and much more. Before that, she was at Assurance Staff, EY in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she gained auditing experience with international clients in addition to domestic public and private companies in the pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industries. Raleigh is also where she attended North Carolina State University, earning both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting.


    Outside of work, Rachel is an “island girl” at heart. Originally from Wilmington, she has many fond memories of being on her family’s boat, reading a book with her dad fished, or finding clams in the marsh, then cooking them up with cherished family or friends. Aside from beach and boat time, Rachel honors her health and wellness, committing regularly to her Orangetheory workouts, which she says are tough but totally worth it–and that reminds us of her attitude here with us. No doubt, an accounting career in fraud and forensics can be quite the feat, but as Rachel is discovering, getting to the bottom of a potential crime or problem solving for clients nets major rewards. And she’s totally up for the challenge!


    Rachel’s Why: “Seeing how ‘solving’ a financial crime can have a huge effect on a client, and specifically, helping that person or organization prevent loss or recover huge sums of money.”

    Robin Soto

    Office Manager

    Robin Soto

    Kayli Hawks

    Customer Experience

    Robin Soto

    Tiffany Lowery


    Robin Soto

    Vanessa Clemmer


    Robin Soto

    Chetna Sharma


    Robin Soto

    Nicole Griffes


    Robin Soto

    Chris Nebel

    Enrolled Agent

    Robin Soto

    Joseph Trollinger, MBA


    Robin Soto

    Brooke McElrath



    Practice what you preach.  Regular check-ups are far better and less costly than having to solve a bigger problem.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep more post-tax profits in your pocket.



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    Charles founded Cooke Capital in 2006 and he uses a consultative process to gain a detailed understanding of his clients' deepest values and goals. He then employs customized recommendations designed to address each client's unique needs and goals beyond simply investments.


    At Cooke Capital, they take great care in assembling a team of financial experts that work in concert so all the important facets of your financial life are addressed. With this approach, everyone is working together as an aligned, congruent team.


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    Jerry Kephart

    Principal, J Kephart Real Estate

    Raleigh, NC


    Jerry is Principal of J Kephart Real Estate. He has been involved with commercial real estate in North Carolina since 1990. His in-depth knowledge and experience comes from many facets of the industry, including lease and sales transactions for Dental, Medical and Office clients throughout the Triangle, Wilmington and North Carolina. Jerry started his own firm in 2009 to specifically represent the Tenant or Buyer looking for space to lease or property to buy. This avoids a conflict of interest with the Landlord or Seller. Over that time, he has developed a niche in Dental/Medical real estate helping the dentist/doctor make the right decisions for their practice.


    Whether a dental practice is a start up, a growing practice or a mature practice ready to build their dream office, there are specific real estate requirements to accommodate each phase of a successful Dental Practice. Jerry understands those requirements and how to service the Dentist throughout each phase. We take a team approach to serve the doctor keeping their best interests at the forefront.


    Email: jkephart@jkephartre.com

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    Even if you are just starting a practice, you should always keep your exit in mind.  What do you need to be doing today to get there?  That applies whether it is 5, 10, or 20 years out.  We can help guide you in this process and pull in trusted partners where necessary.

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